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What We Do

We at DC Grandson are custom t shirts manufacturers, wholesalers & contract suppliers. We deal in all types of t-shirts and can customize your orders on color, size, cuts and styles.

DC Grandson is now famous for being the leading suppliers to start ups as we provide end to end solutions in areas such design, printing & packaging. We also work closely with corporate customers to deliver highest quality garments and t shirts for events and office purposes.

We have a wide range of collection and qualities in t-shirts and also specialize in custom printing on t shirts, apparels & fabric.

DC Grandson is now recognized as leading suppliers of custom & plain t-shirts across India, we are supplying across the country to various customers looking for customization. Our Clientele includes startups, corporates, resellers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, traders.

Our Strategy

How We Work

Our Company


From sourcing to designing to custom manufacturing to woven label making & branding to packaging to delivery we can help you build your brand!

Plain t shirts


We supply best in class t-shirts (round neck, collar t shirts, v-neck, full sleeves, apple cut, polo's, kids t shirts - basically if you want to buy t-shirts dc grandson is your one stop solution). We mainly supply to clients looking for reselling with their brand name; we also supply t shirts for all types of events & occasion.

Women's wear clothing


Women's wear top, t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, crop tops, tank tops or any type of regular wear tee's - we have it all in production!

Clothing brands & unisex t-shirt


If you are a brand already in business or a startup we can supply top notch quality t-shirts at wholesale rates. From pattern & grading new designs at factories to graphic designing we can help you achieve your vision and goals.

Corporate clothing


We at dc grandson are proud to be supplying the finest quality apparels to corporates at prices which will be in budgets.

Screen printing for t shirts


We specialize in screen printing of t shirts - birthdays, weddings, events or any type of occasion; we at dc grandson can custom print t shirts and garments as per your requirements.

Dc grandson - made in India


We are proud to be completely made in India - all our suppliers, job work factories, t-shirt agents, traders & everyone who works with us are sourced across India and we try to maintain strict policy of made in India.